Recycling Solutions & Sustainability Forum

About Recycling Solutions & Sustainability Forum

Building on K 2022 highlights on topics relating to Recycling and Sustainability, the new Recycling & Sustainability Forum at T-PLAS will be a spotlight platform for knowledge and expertise exchange between leading local and international companies committed to circular economy building efforts through implementation of advanced recycling solutions for the plastics industry.

Plastics Recycling Sector Development in Thailand and Southeast Asia are boosted by these market movers:

  • Development of recycling technologies – sorting infrastructure, separating, and processing different types of plastic, new applications for recycled plastic developed through 3D printing and composite materials
  • Sustainability commitment of manufactures & producers - manufacturers and producers make responsibility for the disposal of their products, including plastic packaging waste
  • Promotion of a circular economy supply chain – industry players’ awareness of circular economy as an economic system focused on waste elimination are driving new perspectives on recycling as an integral part of plastics manufacturing supply chain

Meet the Exhibitors leading the way in Recycling Solutions!


“We will present sustainable products including Bio-compound and Bio-packaging - these products are plant-based, compostable, and non-toxic. We encourage visitors to experience both starch-based pellets and products and inspire plastic converters to make a trial of our starch-based products.”



“Zerma has opened a new production plant in Rayong. We are looking forward to showcasing our GSL series of slow-speed granulators now ‘Made in Thailand’ at T-PLAS 2023.”

- Mr Roman Guenther
Managing Director


Forum On Recycling Solutions & Sustainability Programme

20 Sep, Wednesday 11 AM – 12 NN Forum
Next Level Melt Filtration
by Mr Wolfgang Poessenberger, BritAS Recycling -Anlagen GmbH
ENG Presentation Stage
2 PM – 3 PM Forum
Post Industrial Recycling
by Mr Kabin Aranyapongpaisal, Pack All Plastic Co Ltd
THAI Presentation Stage
3 PM – 3.30 PM Forum
New Sustainable TPE Solutions โซลูชั่น TPE ใหม่ที่ยั่งยืน
by Ms Wanwanat Yookachen ชื่อวิทยากร: วรรณวนัสภ์ อยู่คเชนทร์, KRAIBURG TPE
THAI Presentation Stage
3.30 PM – 4 PM Forum
Advanced Recycling Solutions
1) Advanced Recycling Solutions by Mr Emir Melkic
2) EREMA’s New EcoGentle Plasticizing Technology by Mr Ralf Altepeter
EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen & Anlagen GmbH
ENG Presentation Stage
21 Sep, Thursday 10.15 AM – 11 AM Forum
Advancing Circular Economy: O2X Barrier Coatings for Enhanced Flexible Packaging Recycling
by Dr Looi Hong Cheong, Aegis Packaging Pte Ltd
ENG Presentation Stage
11 AM – 12 NN Forum
Valorizing Agricultural Residues and Local Plastic Waste in-situ into Low-Cost , Sustainable, High-Performing Biomaterial Compounds
by Dr Karsten Brast, nature2need
ENG Presentation Stage
12 NN – 12.30 PM Forum
Climate-Positive Thermoplastic Solution
by Mr Arun Kulkarni, UBQ Materials
ENG Presentation Stage
1 PM – 2 PM Forum
AVIENT Specialty Engineered Materials: Sustainability Capabilities
by Ms. Suteera Leangjan, Area Sales Manager, Specialty Engineered Materials – Asia
ENG Presentation Stage
2 PM – 3 PM Forum
Sustainability through Recovery and Recycling of Solvents from the Fumes Exhausted from Converting Lines
by Mr Fabrizio Imarisio, DEC Impianti - Rieckermann
ENG Presentation Stage
3 PM – 4 PM Forum
Increase your Profit by Recovering your Cleaning Solvents
by Mr Rui Hu, D.W. Renzmann / Rieckermann (Thailand) Co Ltd
ENG Presentation Stage
4 PM – 5PM Forum
Circular Economy on PET Bottle to Bottle
by Mr Tee Guan Huat , Starlinger Recycling
ENG Presentation Stage

Invitation to Present at Recycling Solutions Forum

Participants of the Recycling Solutions Zone are invited to present their technical and market expertise at the daily onsite Forum within the thematic zone. Submit your presentation proposal relating to plastics waste management and recycling to

Exhibit at Recycling Solutions Zone

Show case your innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies at the dedicated Recycling Solutions Zone.

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Exhibitor Profile
  • Manufacturers of high-tech solutions for waste processing
  • Recycling Facility Operators
  • Recycled Plastic Materials Processors
  • Representatives of Government agencies, and other businesses involved in plastic recycling services and technology providers
Product Range
  • Mixers
  • Shredding technology
  • Separation technology
  • Washing technology
  • Pelletizers
  • Compounding lines
  • Recycling plants
  • Other equipment for preprocessing and recycling
  • Recycling raw materials / recyclates